Donation Land Claims (Jackson County, OR)

The names, Surveyor's DLC numbers, township, range, and status information came from the County Surveyor's Record, Jackson County, Oregon, General Index to Donation Land Claims. The book is (or was) in the office of the Jackson County Surveyor, in Medford. The Original DLC and Notes were copied from the book Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims. This is available in the Southern Oregon Historical Society Archives.

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Title Status Original DLC Surveyor DLC Notes
Reddick, T. Harvey 30 71

Redick, Thomas Harvey

Rees, Lewis 993 41
Rhinehart, David B Abandoned 38

not in DLC book

Rhinehart, David B Abandoned 78

not in DLC book

Rhinehart, Ezra Abandoned 37

not in DLC book

Rhinehart, Ezra Abandoned 79

not in DLC book

Rice, Levi A. 25 38
Rice, Levi A. 25 59
Riggs, Michael 741 45
Robinson, John 87 66
Rockfeller, A. G. 165 68

Rockfellow, Albert G

Rockfeller, G. W. 166 69

Rockfellow, Geo W

Ross, John E 137 69
Russel, James H 13 46

Russell, James H

Russel, James H 13 37

Russell, James H

Schieffeln, Clinton 274 38

Scheiffelin, Clinton

Sears, Granville 579 44
Sisley, Lewis Abandoned 53

not in DLC book

Skinner, Alonza A 945 58

Skinner, Alonzo A

Smith, Irvin 96 59
Smith, Isaac D 39

not in DLC book

Smith, Lawson H 561 52
Smith, Nelson D 147 59
Smith, Peter Abandoned 76

not in DLC book

Smith, Samuel 72 93
Smith, William 145 75
Songer, William F 293 57
Songer, William F 293 40
Spencer, Willard 373 40
Stearnes, David 134 67

Stearnes (Sterns), David E