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Art Works of Eugene Bennett

Cataloger's notes: Entries include slides, photos, and file cards containing Bennett's notes on his works, including title, date, medium, size, and sometimes the initial purchaser and price.  These materials have been organized by date (with the undated items at the end) and are contained in eighteen notebooks.  Images of the art works (when available) are also contained in the files that accompany this index, again arranged by year.  [As noted, EB prepared descriptive file cards for most of his art works.  He also prepared a small number of similar cards for works of art or design not by him but that were apparently in his possession.  These, along with the available images, are contained in Notebook 19, and are described at the end of this index.] Columns A and B indicate the original location of the listed material.  Most are from File 5, where Bennett kept an ordered set of photos, slides, and notes about the works.  Some were jumbled together in separate boxes or other file drawers.  And some were represented only by a photo in File 11, where the majority of his photos were arranged in order by date.  Many of the unidentified photos of Bennett's works include his signature and a date, and in this case it will be listed with other art works of that year.  Many, however, do not show a year, or it is illegible, and in that case they are included in the "No Date" (or "nd") listing.  Bennett's titles are enclosed in quotation marks, even when he said they were "untitled".  When there was no evidence of his original title, they are called Unknown, without quotation marks.  All have one or more slides and photos unless otherwise specified.   (The images of the art works in the accompanying databases show all titles without quotation marks, because Excel does not permit that symbol as part of a title)  I have tried to exclude any art not by Bennett, but in cases of uncertainty I have erred on the side of inclusion, with the hope that future researchers will provide clarification and correction. Errors have surely been made in the organizing and recording of these art works. Notification of such errors, so that the record can be corrected, will be welcomed.
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