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Students at Ashland High School, including: Williamson, Margaret; Ganiard, A. B.; Shelley, Mrs. Frank; Sherwood, Emma; Herndon, Walter; Smith, Grace; Rippey, Maude; Rifner, Mabell; Welch, Gail; McCune, Edith; Drew, Neff; Sayle, Harry;

Deierlein, Gertrude; Bailey, Myrn; Corum, Clara; Baker, Virginia; Patrick, Orra; Spencer, Winnie; Shafer, Flora; Farlow, Elda; Carson, Lucy; Norcross, Eva; Corum, Perry; Harfold, Mabel; Brown, Emily; Byers, Mrs. E. D.; Eastman, Gertrude; and others

Year or Date Range
G36 A 1