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Phipps, Dolph E.

Dolph E. Phipps, born December 31, 1895 to David Edward and Minnnie Weaver Phipps, was a pioneer orchardist in southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. His grandfather was Wendell Judson Phipps. He married Mary Elizabet Cellers October 17, 1917. They had two daughters, Mignon and Michelle. The 150 acres Phipps Orchard raised Newtown, Pippen and Spitzenburg apples; Bartlett, D'Anjou, Comice and Winter Nel pears. Eventually Phipps sold the land for both Providence and Rogue Regional Memorial Hospitals as well for the Medford Center.

'Mignon, Michelle
'Phipps. David Edward'
'Cellers. Mary Elizabeth (10/17/1917)'
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