Chavner, Thomas

Chavner laid out the original townsite of Gold Hill and donated it as such so that the railroad company would construct the railroad via this route. He furnished the pipe and tank for the railroad to encourage establishment of the station. Chavner built the first bridge across the Rogue River above where the railroad bridge is now located. Partner in first major gold strike, the 1860 Gold Hill packet. Came to the Rogue Valley about 1856. SOURCES: MMT, May 6, 1962 (Thompson vertical fie); Image of America - Gold Hill pp 11.

'Ireland. County Tipperary'
'Michael, Peter. Mary Ann Pryce, Margaret Thompson (Mrs. W, E.)
'Miner rancher; cabin boy on riverboat; trapper with Kit Carson; Comanche interpreter; fighter in Mexican War; owner of several businesses; hunter; trapper on great plains',
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'Margaret Brennen
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