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Hoffman, William, 1801-1885

Hoffman Left Maryland after marriage to live in Alicia, IN and then they moved to Covington, IN in 1840. They left for Oregon 04/20/1853 with 6 children, 3 sisters, 1 brother-in-law, by ox-team, arriving in Rogue Valley 10/1853. Settled on Donation Land Claim farm about 4 miles east of Jacksonville OR, on the Old Stage Road known as "White House", but they moved to Jacksonville later in the year. Jacksonville Post, 07/10/1920. SO Pioneer Assoc. records - "Resolution on deaths of members." 1860 US Census. TRS 1981, #6, pg. 3-9.

'Baltimore MD '
'814 - clerk in merchantile business, Western MD. 1821 - manager in large merchantile business, promoted to full partner, Cincinnatti, OH. 1840-53 - elected County Recorder, Fountain Co. IN. 1855 - elected Auditor '2')
Other Names
Death Place
'Jacksonville, OR'
'Caroline B. Schaffer 09/22/1836, Boonborrough, MD [b.11/29/1813 Anne Arendal Co. MD. d. 09/09/1900 JV, OR]'
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