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Asbestos Post Office

Named for the area's deposits of asbestos bearing fibrous tremolite, this post office near Evans Creek (southern part of township 33, range 2 west) was 6 miles N of Beagle. Alice Welch, wife of the local sawmill owner, was Asbestos' postmistress June 18,1906 until it discontinued with service through Beagle. By 1918, Beagle was the closest post office to upper Evans Creek patrons. 

Where did they go? Following the mail trail of the DPOs of Jackson County, Oregon (SHS 979.5281 S93 2013)

Asbestos 1, 1906, application for change of site

Asbestos 2 shows map for proposed site. It lists the "current site" at that time as NE quarter, section 21, township 33s, range 2w. (14 miles NE of proposed location) Asbestos 3, 1902, Application for change of site

Asbestos 4, 1902, map for original 1902 location

Asbestos 4 shows an earlier location at SW quarter, section 218, township 33s, range 2w Asbestos 5

Asbestos 5 is the original application, dated 1893. Location was NE quarter (?hard to read), section 28, township 33s, range 2w. Asbestos 6, 1893 map for original location


Mitchell, Henry H., Postmaster 1902 ; Welch, Alice, proposed postmaster (See Asbestos 1); Sackett, Miss Mary, 1893 (see Asbestos 5)
Quarter, Section, Township, Range
Quarter NW, Section 2, Township 34s, Range 2w