Stewart Patterson House

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Near Talent of Rapp Lane



$5500 ranch home for Stewart Patterson

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Stewart Patterson died just as the house was to be started, and it apparently was never constructed. An article entitled "Building Outlook" in which Frank Clark itemized hopes and plans for the building season appeared on January 1, 1915. "...The Stewart Patterson residence will be started in the latter part of the season." Apparently there had been a lengthy delay since the Medford Sun (7 August 1912, page 1) article announcing a planned ranch home for Stewart Patterson, designed by Frank Clark. The Patterson ranch property was just west of the intersection of Rapp Road and Rapp Lane. The Pattersons lived on Ross Court in Medford near the Clarks. The Medford Mail Tribune, June 19, 1915, page 2, includes an article announcing Mr. Patterson's death in an auto accident. Apparently the house was not constructed. Mrs. Patterson continued to live on Ross Court for a short time, then went to live with the Leonard Carpenters at Veritas. She and her young son moved to Berkeley, California, about 1919.



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Medford Mail Tribune, 1/1/15, p. 5; 6/19/15, p. 2

Medford Sun, 8/7/45, p. 1


Confirmed, SOHS Inventory

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