Allen, Albert C., Sr., 1875-1972

He wrote and filmed "Grace's Visit to the Rogue River Valley," which was presented at the San Francisco Panama Pacific International Exposition and was probably responsible for attracting several families to the valley. (SOHS sells copies of this film.) He was first to film Crater Lake. He had a print shop in his home on the Rogue River. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. He was an automobilist and advocate for good roads. His son, also an author (pen name James) and a basketball star (nickname Jim) at Medford High School TRS V6, No3, 1986, pg. 9. Various MMT articles. Oakland Tribune, 18 May, 1933, pg 8. Salt Lake Tribune, 24 December, 1933, pg 3.




Nashville, Tenn.

Place of death: 

Medford, Ore.


Kate McKee Allen


Lever C. Allen


Lillian Keith - 1899; Bessie Courtney - 1926


Albert C. Allen Jr, aka James Arthur Allen; Mary Alica Towle


Film - "Grace's Visit to the Rogue River Valley" Books - "King of the Wilderness" "Little Shepherd of Lava Lake" "Meeko" "Rabbit Trails" "Crater Lake and its Legends"


Orchardist - Hollywood Orchard & Modoc Orchards on Rogue River. Along with fruit exhibited okra, mammoth peppers and turnips. Rancher. Farmer. Horticulture Rural Commissioner.